Buy iron box in kenya

iron boxes are amust have in every household  nowadays. getting your self a durable iron box  with a high quality and  and affordable price . buy iron box here in kenya at skywave   and get your iron box delivered to doorstep.

iron box prices in kenya  mainly vary depending with he brand of the iron box or the type of iron box. they are mainly devided into 2 categories  dry iron box and steam iron box. Steam iron box has an advantage of moisturing the cloth while  ioning to avoid the cloth fom burning . while the dry irons  does not have a water sprinkler .Steam iron box tend to be more expensive than the dry

some of the best brand of iron box in kenya are

ramtons steam iron box           mika steam rion box

philip dry iron                               philip steam iron box  

von stean iron                  tlac dry iron 

admiral dry iron                 admiral steam iron box