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what is an Android tv box?

An Android TV box is used to convert a regular tv or digital tv to an Android TV by using the HDMI port as a media in. Also known as smart TV boxes, are devices that can turn your regular TV screen into a smart one. With an Android TV box like the H96Max, mxq pro, mi box, you can enjoy online streaming services like Netflix and YouTube, as well as access a wide range of apps and games.

One of the popular brands for Android TV boxes is H96Max and the mxq. This powerful device offers a seamless streaming experience and allows you to enjoy your favorite content in stunning 4K resolution. Its fast processor ensures smooth performance, while its ample storage capacity allows you to store and download your favorite apps and media.

Android TV boxes are a cost-effective alternative to buying a new smart TV. They are easy to set up and connect to your existing TV, making it a convenient solution for upgrading your entertainment system. Whether you want to binge-watch your favorite shows, play games, or stream music, an Android TV box can enhance your TV viewing experience.

When it comes to TV box prices in Kenya, the H96Max and mxq offer great value for money. they provide all the features and functionality of a high-end smart TV at a fraction of the cost.

So, if you’re in Kenya and looking for an Android TV box, consider the H96Max. With its impressive features, affordable price, and ability to transform your TV into a smart entertainment hub, it’s a great investment for anyone seeking a more immersive and versatile TV experience.