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Best Standing Cookers in Kenya


Standing Cookers are among the most commonly used home appliances in Kenya. Standing cookers offer much more flexibility and have a compact design that fits perfectly into kitchen spaces.

What Is a Cooker?

It’s a metal device used for cooking food using gas or electricity. Some cookers consist of an oven. A standing cooker is a home appliance that stands on the kitchen floor freely therefore you do not need to place it on the kitchen table or counter.

Types of Standing Cookers

The two main types of standing cookers are:

1. Standing cooker with an oven

Mika Black standing Cooker MST6231HI/TP6W

These are standing cookers that have inbuilt ovens.

2. Standing cooker without an oven

Boko 4 gas freestanding cooker

These are cookers that stand freely on their own but don’t have an inbuilt oven.

The two main types of standing cookers can either have burners that are:

  • Both electric and gas
  • Gas only
  • Electric only

However, the most common standing cookers in Kenya are the ones with electric and gas burners and the ones with gas-only burners. Standing gas cookers can either have an oven that uses gas (gas oven) or an oven that uses electricity (electric oven).

The electric and gas cookers come in different amounts of burners. Below are examples of cookers with different burners.

  • 3 gas +1 electric (3+1)
  • 2 gas + 2 electric (2+2)
  • 4 gas + 2 electric (4+2)
  • 4 gas + 1 electric (4 +1)

They also come in different sizes measured in centimeters such as 50 by 60, 60 by 90, 60 by 60, 50 by 55, 50 by 50, and 100 by 110.

Do I need a Standing Cooker?

Having a standing cooker comes with great advantages such as:

  • They are free-standing and fit perfectly into kitchen spaces, therefore you don’t need to place them on a table. This also helps you prevent a lot of back pain.
  • You don’t need to buy an oven separately because they come with an inbuilt oven that has accessories such as a rotisserie, baking tray, grill, etc.
  • Unlike built-in cookers, standing cookers are flexible therefore you can easily place them anywhere in the kitchen, and can be shifted for example, when you are doing renovations or remodeling.
  • Most standing cookers are safer to use than other traditional cookers because they have systems that prevent gas leakage.
  • They have a nice aesthetic design that makes your kitchen look modern.
  • Most standing cookers have a stainless steel cooktop which prevents corrosion.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Standing Cooker

  1. Space –The amount of space available in your kitchen determines what cooker size you should buy. If you have limited space you should opt for a 50 by 50 cm or 55 by 55 cm standing cooker which usually has 4 burners.
  2. Function– The intended use is another big factor. For example, if you need a cooker for your small restaurant/ bakery shop, you will need a cooker with a large oven for easy baking.
  3. Budget– The amount of money you can afford to spend is critical because this will help you focus on cookers that are within your price range. Cookers with stainless steel cooktops tend to be more highly priced than other cookers.
  4. Type of energy – Electricity in Kenya is still unreliable in some areas, therefore if you live in such areas you will need to opt for a gas-only standing cooker or a gas and electric cooker.

Top 10 Best Standing Cookers in Kenya

These are Skywave’s top 10 best cookers that we have categorized based on our various sales.

1. Haier 5gas cooker electric oven.

haier cooker


  1. 5 Gas Burner
  2. Electric Oven
  3. Knob ignition
  4. Thermo-electric
  5. Cast iron with rubber feet
  6. Multifunction oven
  7. Shelf support rails
  8. Oven interior light

2. MIKA Standing Cooker, 90cm X 60cm, 4 + 2, Electric Oven, with a Gas Compartment.


  1. 4 Euro Pool burners + 2 Electric Rapid Hot plate.
  2. Flame Failure Safety
  3. Push Button Auto Ignition.
  4. Gas Cylinder Storage Area.
  5. Double Oven glass door with 1 Low-E Glass – Conserve Energy
  6. Turnspit (Chicken Rotisserie).
  7. Mechanical Timer.
  8. Limit Thermostat – Regulates the set Oven Temperature

3. Haier 4Gas 60X60 Cooker with Electric Oven


  1. Oven fan
  2. Auto ignition
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Cast iron grills
  5. It is affordable
  6. 4 burners with 1 double burner
  7. Double removable glass door
  8. Stainless steel material

4. Ramtons 3G+1E 60X60 Cooker

rf-410 3g+1e


  1. 3 gas pool burners + 1 electric plate
  2. 66-litre electric oven
  3. Single spit rotisserie
  4. With oven lamp, timer & thermostat
  5. Auto-Ignition
  6. Stainless-steel cooktop
  7. Enamel pan supports
  8. 1000 watts hot plate

5. Von 3 G+1 E with electric oven Cooker

Von 3 Gas + 1 Electric Cooker


  1. 3 Gas and 1 Electric Burner cooker
  2. Electric oven and grill
  3. Push Button Ignition
  4. Thermostat
  5. Oven Lamp
  6. Chicken Turnspit
  7. 2 baking trays & 1 wire shelf (grid)
  8. Adjustable Legs

6. TLAC Standing Cooker, 60cm X 60cm, 3 + 1, Electric Oven- stainless steel.



  1. Push Button Auto-ignition
  2. 3 gas burners and 1 electric Rapid Hot plate
  3. Electric oven and grill as 0+4 function
  4. Special high-density insulation- for faster & quicker baking
  5. Oven lamp
  6. Baking tray and wire shelf (Grid)
  7. Width 60cm x Depth 60cm
  8. jet gas system European standard

7. Roch 60X60 3 Gas + 1 Electric oven, Standing Cooker RECK-631-BL

Roch 60X60 3 Gas + 1 Electric oven, Standing Cooker RECK-631-BL


  1. 3 Gas Burners + 1 Hot Plate
  2. Shiny Enamel Pan Supports
  3. Electric
  4. Rotisserie
  5. Mechanic Timer
  6. Push Button Ignition
  7. Double Glass Oven Door
  8. 1 Tray/ Grid

8. BJS standing cooker 3+1

bjs standing cooker 3+1


  1. Pool burner / Jet valve for efficient GAS Consumption
  2. 60cmx60cm WITH Turbo FAN
  3. Rotisserie- helps in the roasting of poultry whole.
  4. Oven Lamp- Helps to view the contents of the oven without having to open the oven at all
  5. Double Glass Oven Door
  6. 1-Baking Pan, 1-Grid Self
  7. Auto ignition- One button ignition and as long as there is power you don’t need to
  8. Storage Compartment

9. MIKA Standing Cooker 50X55 4G Electric Oven.


  1. Push Button Auto-ignition
  2. Electric oven as 0+3 function
  3. Special high-density insulation- for faster & quicker baking
  4. Turnspit (Chicken Rotisserie)
  5. Round oven tray provided
  6. Baking tray and wire shelf (Grid)
  7. Width 50cm x Depth 55cm
  8. Matt Black Hob & Lid

10. Nunix 3+1 Cooker 60 by 60- SILVER



  1. Digital Display
  2. See Through Oven Door Glass
  3. Warming Drawer Compartment
  4. Built-In Timer – Easy to Interpret
  5. Rotisserie
  6. Electric Oven & Grill,
  7. Separate Oven/Grill and Temperature Control Knobs
  8. Glass lid


Standing cookers will have many features in common, we have summarized the above factors to help you come up with the best-standing cooker to buy in less than 5 minutes. Electricity in Kenya is somehow unpredictable in terms of cost and availability, we therefore advise you not to buy an all-electric cooker. It is always good to have a backup.

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