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Total 18 Gauge brad nail-TAC918501

Original price was: KSh2,999.Current price is: KSh1,699.

Total 18 Gauge brad nail-TAC918351

Original price was: KSh1,999.Current price is: KSh1,299.

Total 18 Gauge brad nail-TAC918301

Original price was: KSh1,999.Current price is: KSh1,099.

Total Lithium-ion cordless brad nailer kit-TCBNLI2016

Original price was: KSh28,999.Current price is: KSh24,499.

Total Air Brad nailer-TAT83501

Original price was: KSh9,699.Current price is: KSh6,999.

 Nail guns

It’s a power tool used to drive nails into materials that can be used in DIYs and also by carpenters. Due to rising brands in the Kenyan marketplace. Different brands have different prices for nail guns Total brand is one of the best nail guns. Nail guns are divided into different types

  1. Staple nail gun are used in upholstering furniture or where it involves thin wood
  2.  palm nail gun – this fits in the pam and is used to access tight places ie corners
  3. pin nailgun is used with headless nails
  4. Brad nail gun – it’s mostly used on baseball boards
  5. roofing nail gun used to do roofing
  6. flooring nail gun
  7. framing nail gun
  8. siding nail gun
  9.  finishing nail gun

when choosing the best nail gun to buy in Kenya you should consider the the kind of work you are going to tackle