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Benford UK Diesel Engine Water Pump – 9HP

Original price was: KSh79,999.Current price is: KSh74,999.

Benford UK Diesel Engine WaterPump -7HP

Original price was: KSh68,999.Current price is: KSh60,999.

Windsor High Pressure Pump 7.5HP

Original price was: KSh25,999.Current price is: KSh21,999.

Total jet Water pump-TWP315006

Original price was: KSh49,999.Current price is: KSh31,249.


Water pumps are machine that uses mechanical energy to produce/create pressure differences. That causes water to flow. This water pump can be used for different jobs water pumps can also be used for irrigation drainage and sewage well construction. water pumps come in  2 different types

  1. booster pumps These are pumps used to boost the already existing pressure. the booster pump is divided into centrifugal and peripheral
  2. submersible pumps these pumps are fully submerged in  water

Factors to consider when buying a water pump

  • The distance between where you are pumping from and the destination
  • the power /energy it will use. the more powerful the pump the more energy it will use, also if it’s solar or electric-powered
  • the noise made  by the pump while it is running
  • water pressure which is measured in hose power (HP)

Some of the most-selling brands in Kenya market today are Total, TLAC , Tolsen .premire