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Total Cordless String and Brush Cutter-TSTLI200285

Original price was: KSh45,999.Current price is: KSh41,299.

Windsor 4-in-1 Brush Cutter

Original price was: KSh28,000.Current price is: KSh24,999.

Lenhard 2 stroke brush cutter

Original price was: KSh18,999.Current price is: KSh16,399.

Tlac back pack Brush Cutter with accessories

Original price was: KSh27,999.Current price is: KSh24,999.

Premier 4 Stroke Push Brush Cutter

Original price was: KSh24,999.Current price is: KSh22,499.

Tolsen brush cutter and line trimmer-79620

Original price was: KSh20,999.Current price is: KSh18,599.

Premier 2stroke brush cutter

Original price was: KSh18,999.Current price is: KSh17,399.

Premier 4stroke brush cutter

Original price was: KSh20,499.Current price is: KSh17,399.

brush cutter in Kenya

brush cutters can also be called grass cutters since the petrol ones have blades that can be used  to cut bushes  grass cutters can also be electric  or gasoline the most common grass/bush cutters in Kenya are gasoline-powered and can either be 4 strokes or 2-stroke

The 4-stroke brush cutter is stronger than the 2-stroke one. this  can be used for all-day work around the farm  electric grass trimmers use a lithium  battery which is rechargeable and is used for light duty since  they cannot be used for heavy-duty most common brands are Total Brush Cutter, Premier Brush Cutter, Tolsen Brush Cutter

if you need replacement accessories for the brush cutter in Kenya ie blades they are available