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Little about lipa pole pole na Skywave

LIPA KIDOGO KIDOGO by SKYWAVE was brought about by the need to cater for the customers’ needs
and help them achieve there wants. The arrangement allows you to select your favorite product from
www.skywave.co.ke and pay with intervals of up to 6 months by making partial payments .once the
payment is done one can collect the item or have it delivered to there place.

Lipa pole pole was initially for skywave customers only but now its open to all . 


How it works


  1.  Select an item on www.skywave.co.ke that one needs to purchase and check if it’s illegible for
    LIPA KIDOGO KIDOGO on the product tab.

  2. Complete the checkout page by signing up either 1months payment plan or 6 months payment

  3. Make the required deposits to the M-pesa PAY BILL provided

  4.  pick the item or have it delivered to you place after completing the payments

Since it’s an initiation stage the systems on www.skywave.co.ke have not yet been set up so once someone you interacts with us on Facebook of WhatsApp and agrees on a product then we set up the payment platform manually on our systems and share the data as the customer continues with the payments

Detailed lipa pole pole terms

  • There over 2000 products on our website and more are still being added which one can chose from and not all are illegible for lipa kidogo kidogo only items above ksh 5000
  • Items above 5000 on the site are the only illegible ones for lipa kidogo kidogo if one would wish to pay for something below ksh 5000 they are required to send an email to sales@skywave.co.ke or WhatsApp about the product or call 0721411104 for further directives.

  • Payments can be made in intervals of 1-6 months depending of the choice of the customer .The system will auto calculate the monthly payments to be made once you have chosen the payment period which is from 1 months to 6 months but at the initial stage the account and payments plan is created manually on ours systems.

  • Initial deposits depend with the cost of the item is the first monthly or weekly payment or any amount you have at the moment.All lipa kidogo kidogo are made though a specific SKYWAVE PAY BILL NUMBER below and every time a deposited is made the customer SHOULD always notify the company by forwarding the text and the order number to 0721411104/0721411404 or send an email to sales@skywave.co.ke


  • Once a product is fully paid for one can collect the product from the shop or chose delivery option. Depending on the availability of the product the SKYWAVE can avail available products of the same price category if the item being paid for is out if stock .The customer and SKYWAVE will come to an agreement of the change of product and change of price .the customer can also chose an item of the same price on the website which they like and ask to change to that if what they had order is out if stock.
  • Items on offer are not illegible for lipa kidogo kidogo since when offers end those particular products will revert back to the original prices
  • For items being paid for in a longer period price changes are inevitable and for such a case a customer will have to adjust to the new prices but as appreciation from skywave there will be no interests


The no interest depends on if a customer wants only a specific product stored for them and they don’t

have room to change to any other product and also the number of months you want to pay for an item.
The percentage interest is the total
The interest depending on the months chosen are as follows

  • 1 month 0 interest
  • 2 months 0 interest
  • 3 months 10% interest
  • 4 months 12% interest
  • 5 months 13% interest
  • 6 months 15% interest

For the exact item reservation the initial deposit made should be above 40% of the product price and
spread the rest in the category of choice

Let’s say you want to purchase a subwoofer costing ksh 5000 with a 3 months payment plan then the
total amounts to be paid will be ksh 1.10*5000= ksh 5500 only
This total can be split into weekly payment two weeks payment or anything you would like

As easy as the registration process the refund is as easy as such .if one would wish to terminate the
contract a refund can be issued minus a facilitation fee of 12%
On the same point SKYWAVE really wants to give its best and making sure that the customer gets the
item they desire and since we have a wide variety of products one can be able to choose any other
product if they would wish to discontinue the contract.

You can also watch the video to get a quick glance about our lipa polepole 


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