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Windsor Heavy Duty Fridge Guard

Original price was: KSh1,899.Current price is: KSh1,299.

MK Electronics Fridge Guard-Voltage Stabilizer- White

Original price was: KSh1,500.Current price is: KSh599.

Mika Fridge Protector with Sense Function, 7 AMPS

Original price was: KSh3,000.Current price is: KSh2,295.

Fridge Guard Prices In Kenya

A fridge guard is a device designed to protect your refrigerator from power fluctuations and voltage spikes. It acts as a safeguard for your fridge, ensuring that it remains protected and functions optimally. Power fluctuations can occur due to various reasons, such as voltage surges, low voltage, or power outages. These fluctuations can cause damage to your refrigerator’s compressor and other sensitive electronic components.

Types of Refrigerator Guards

Refrigerator guards are available in two types: the 13-amp refrigerator guard and the 5-amp refrigerator guard. The 13 amps fridge guard is the most common type, which is suitable for most refrigerators. It provides reliable protection against voltage fluctuations and power surges.

Best Fridge Guards Brands

When it comes to choosing a fridge guard, there are several reputable brands to consider. Some of the best fridge guard brands include Sollatek, Windsor, MK, Tronic, Von, Mika, Ramtons, and Roch. These brands are known for their quality and reliability in protecting refrigerators from power fluctuations.

If you are looking for fridge guard prices in Kenya, Skywave is your one-stop shop. They offer a wide range of fridge guards, each with different affordable prices. Whether you need a 13-amp fridge guard or a 5-amp fridge guard, you can find the perfect one for your needs at Skywave.


Investing in a fridge guard is essential to protect your refrigerator from power fluctuations. With the right fridge guard, you can ensure that your fridge remains safe and operational, extending its lifespan and preventing costly repairs. Choose from the best fridge guard brands available at affordable prices from Skywave.