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Portable Honda Generator -EG1000

Original price was: KSh79,999.Current price is: KSh75,599.


A generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. There are 2 categories of generators in Kenya,

  • AC generator
  • DC generators

AC  generators also known as alternators it is the common way of producing electricity in many places today like homes, churches, and factories. this is used in case electricity is cut out or where there is no electricity.AC generators can also be  DC generators with the use of reverse alternator features. DC generators give a seamless power supply directly to electric storage and DC power without grid novel equipment

Generator prices in Kenya vary depending on a few things like brand and type of generators.AC generators are quite affordable compared to DC.  when asking which is the best brand, there are many brands selling generators. AC generators can also be single phase double phase or multifunctional.

Advantages of generators

  • AC generators are affordable
  • AC generators are easy to step up and step down through transformers
  • the size is relatively small
  • AC generator breaks are smaller than those in the DC