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One of the most important types of furniture in your workspace is office chairs. Choosing the wrong office chair can lead to various physical discomfort such as back problems, therefore you need to choose a good office chair that supports your back and promotes good posture which will increase productivity in your work space. With hundreds of different types of office chairs, knowing which chair is the best for you can be a bit dreadful, Worry know more, this article will guide you in first knowing everything about office chairs, the importance of having an office chair, factors to consider before buying an office chair and lastly top 10 best office chairs in Kenya.

What is an office chair?

This is a type of chair designed to be used in workspaces, with a set of four wheels for mobility and an adjustable height.

Glossary of office chair terms

1. Adjustable arms rest

This refers to the adjustability of the chair armrest, typically on a task chair. They can be height adjustable (vertical), width adjustable rotating, and have a sliding arm pad.

2. Orthopedic chair

This is a specialized type of chair designed to properly support your spine and body for individuals with orthopedic conditions, musculoskeletal disorders, or any other physical conditions.

3. Ergonomics chair

This refers to an office chair designed to provide optimal comfort and avoid stress or injury.

4. Executive Chair

A specific high-back, premium padded desk chair. In other terms the boss chair.

5. Posture Control

This allows the backrest to tilt independently of the seat, allowing adjustments in the back patch.

6. Pneumatic Height Adjustments

On a task chair, this allows different-sized users to adjust the seat height.

7. Lumbar Support

This apparatus supports the lumbar region of your back (lower back) when seated in an office chair.

8. Tension Control

This is a mechanical feature usually adjusted by a knob located under the seat of a chair that controls the degree of resistance the office chair provides when leaning.

9. Back Pitch

This refers to the angle of a chair’s back concerning the chair seat.

10. Swivel Chair

This is a chair that can be turned around from a fixed point to face another direction without moving the wheels.

Parts of an Office Chair

Factors to Consider when Choosing an Office Chair

There are several factors that you should consider when choosing an office chair. Here are the main factors that will help you when deciding which office chair to select for your workspace.

1. Working duration

The type of work you’re doing and how long you plan on using your office chair will determine the type of office chair you should choose. If you know you will sit down for longer hours opt for a higher-quality office chair. For example, if you sit down for 1-4 hours or short periods, you can opt for a simple and more affordable chair. If you sit for 8 hrs. or longer hours you will need an ergonomic office chair that is height-adjustable, has an adjustable backrest, has adequate lumbar support, has an adjustable armrest, and one that you can move around with. For the type of work for example someone who spends a lot of time doing coding or gaming will need a Gaming chair.  

2. Price

The amount of money you are willing to spend or can afford on an office chair affects the kind of office chair you should buy. An office chair with a headrest tends to be higher priced.

3. Aesthetics

Of course, you will need an office chair that compliments your workspace and one that has a breathable cloth fabric. The right chair for your office will be a reflection of the corporate image of your company.

4. Space

The available space will determine the office chair you should opt for. You will need a spacious room to move around freely and swivel for an ergonomic office chair.

5. Location

If you live in Hot areas such as Mombasa consider an office chair with a breathable fabric or mesh chairs, because they don’t retain heat.

6. Medical Condition

If you are suffering from health issues opt for an orthopedic chair that relieves the pain letting you sit more comfortably for hours and also opt for an office chair that has a breathable soft fabric. A very hard surface might be painful after sitting for a couple of hours.


A good office chair will make you work effectively, boost your morale, and work more comfortably. Choosing an ergonomic office chair would be a great choice, they help relieve back pain and promote good posture. They are comfortable and will help boost productivity in your workspace. When buying an office chair consider all the factors stated in this article.

Top Best Office Chair in Kenya and their Prices

11. Office chair 005

Features :

  1. Breathable mesh back
  2. comfortable shoulder-high backrest
  3. Fixed armrest
  4. Adjustable Lumbar support
  5. High-density foam cushion
  6. Standard swivel mechanism
  7. Spikey Aluminium 5-star base with castors
  8. no tilt knob

10. Headrest office chair-06500

Office chair

Features :

  1. High back chair
  2.  headrest
  3. Breathable mesh back
  4. Fixed armrest
  5. Adjustable Lumbar support
  6. High-density foam cushion
  7. Standard swivel mechanism
  8. Spikey Aluminium 5-star base with castors

9. Executive office chair -8009

executive office chair


  • 1. adjustable to different height
  • 2. Swivel mechanism
  • 3. lumbar support
  • 4. high-density foam
  • 5. Spikey Aluminium 5-star base with castors

8. Executive office chair -C35

office chair


  1. Swivel mechanism
  2. adjustable to different height
  3. high-density foam
  4. Spikey Aluminium 5-star base with castors
  5. lumbar support
  6. Higher backrest

7. High back office chair -FOC005

office chair


  1. Adjustable height
  2. backrest
  3. High-density foam cushion
  4. Breathable mesh
  5. Spikey Aluminium 5-star base with castors
  6. Swivel mechanism
  7. lumbar support

6. Egornomic office chair J162A

rgonomic OFFICE CHAIR J162A

Features :

  1. comfortable
  2. with lumbar support
  3. has swivel mechanism
  4. adjustable arms

5. High Back Office chair with headrest 01050

high back office chair 01050

Features :

  1. Durable Black Mesh back
  2. Smooth glide castor
  3. Breathable Mesh Back
  4. Soft-Padded Seat
  5.  Lumbar Suppor
  6. spikey aluminum 5-star base  with castors
  7. adjustable height to the preferred height
  8. swivel mechanism

4. Office gaming chair seat WA00101

Office gaming chair seat



3. Executive High Back office chair

executive office chair
  1. high-density foam
  2. adjustable height
  3. lumber support
  4. spikey  wooden 5-star base with castor
  5. leather material
  6. swivel mechanism
  7. high back office chair
  8. Has a wooden armrest

2. Ergonomic Office chair -A219


  1. comfortable
  2. with lumbar support
  3. has swivel mechanism
  4. comfortable armrest
  5. adjustable height
  6. headrest
  7. padded seat

1. Orthopedic Office Chair


  1. Durable Black Mesh back
  2. Soft-Padded Seat
  3. Smooth glide castor
  4. swivel mechanism
  5. Breathable Mesh Back
  6.  Lumbar Support
  7. spikey aluminum 5-star base  with castors
  8. adjustable height to the preferred height

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