Shower Head Prices in Kenya


The world is evolving day by day and we have found new ways of bathing with hot water using shower heads. Traditionally we used to heat water using water heaters/kettles, although In Kenya having one was considered a luxury. Most of us can agree that our parents used to naturally heat water for bathing by placing a bucket full of water outside and the sun will then heat the water. However, when shower heads were introduced to the Kenyan Market that narrative changed. In this article, I will explain more about shower heads and some of the factors affecting the pricing of shower heads.

Factors That Affect the Price of Shower Heads in Kenya

There are different types of shower heads in Kenya, with different prices. What will determine which shower head you will use is whether you live in your own home or a rented home. In most rental houses you will find a shower head already installed. Most of these shower heads are the cheapest in the market, due to this most tenants are finding the need to install high-quality shower heads that will better their bathing experience. Some of the factors affecting the price of shower heads in Kenya are:

1. Temp control

Shower heads continue to advance every day and we can have shower heads that you can control temperatures to the desired point. The traditional shower heads only have 3 or 2 settings (high, normal, and low).  

2. Ability to heat salty water

Common and cheap instant shower heads cannot be able to heat borehole water because their heating elements are of low quality and they would spoil when they come into contact with borehole water. Other instant shower heads can withstand extremely salty water such as Lorenzeti, Enerbras, Midea, and Wateria. Most shower heads indicate whether they can

3. Size of the showerhead

Most homeowners usually install the cheapest shower heads for their tenants. These shower heads are usually the smallest in size.  This type of shower tends to form particles inside, which will clog some of the pores and end up reducing the amount of water coming out thus leading to a stressful bath. Units with a bigger shower head produce more water, making your bath experience better.

4. Low-pressure Capability

Some of the cheaper shower heads are not able to work with and the pressure of water in the pipe is not high, you might be able to low water pressure. For instance, if you are living in a place where there is no water tank your shower head is not able to heat the water and yet it is still good or new.  

5. Brands

There are different types of showerhead brands with different prices in the Kenyan market. Some of these brands include:

1. Lorenzeti

Lorenzeti is a Brazilian company, established in the 1920s. The company specializes in electric shower heads, electric taps, and gas water heaters.

2. Midea

Midea is a home appliances brand, established in 1968. The brand specializes in commercial and residential air conditioning, kitchen appliances, lighting, and water appliances. It can heat salty water.

3. Wateria

Wateria is a company that sells shower heads and water heaters.  These shower heads can heat borehole water.

4. Fame

Fame is a Brazilian company that makes instant shower heads and under-sink water heaters. It can heat boreholes and fresh, and mild salty water.

5. Enershower

Enerbras Enershower is a showerhead with temperature settings which can be 4 or 3. It can withstand low-pressure water installations and salty water.

6. Horizon

This brand has shower heads that are tankless and provide instant heated water. They can also be used with salty water.


One can easily install shower heads in them elves or you can call a technician who in most cases will complete the installation in an hour or so. At Skywave we sell most shower heads at affordable prices, we also provide technical expertise who will do the installation.

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