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The Comprehensive Guide on How To Choose The Best Water Dispenser in Kenya.


Water is an essential need for human survival, it regulates the internal temperature of the body, improves digestion, and keeps metabolic activities in the body running. One way to encourage drinking water is by having a water dispenser. You will find a water dispenser in almost every public place, office, and even household. Water dispensers have become the most important and useful appliances in this modern day as they provide clean and safe water.

 Looking for the best dispenser in Kenya? Look no further you are at the right place, this guide will help you, to make the right choice in choosing the best dispensers that balance both quality and pricing, knowing what a water dispenser is, if you need a water dispenser, types of water dispensers and factors you should consider before purchasing a dispenser.


The Law Insider explains that a water dispenser is a plumbing fixture that is manually controlled by the user to dispense potable drinking water into a receptacle such as a cup, glass, or bottle.


OF COURSE YES!!!! Below are some of the reasons why a water dispenser is important either in your household, place of work, or public places.

1. To stay hydrated

Staying hydrated comes with many benefits such as improving brain performance, having more energy, regulating body temperature, and many others

2. Encourage one to drink water

Having a dispenser around has been proven to encourage one to drink water as it is very easy to fill a cup of water as it requires little effort unlike having to open the lid of a jar and then pouring it your cup to drink water

3. Drinking uncontaminated water

Water dispensers provide clean, refreshing, and pure water as it has an inbuilt infiltration system that prevents contamination, unlike tap water which is exposed to many contaminants that can lead to many health issues such as neurological disorders and gastrointestinal illness

4. Aesthetic design

We both know that a room with a dispenser is different from a room without a dispenser. A water dispenser gives your room an ambiance feel making it look modern.

5. Cost-effective

For someone who lives in a place where the tap water is contaminated or the water is from a borehole that is salty buying several water bottles daily will cost you more, it’s just math!! However, having a water dispenser will save you money and it’s also eco-friendly because you won’t need to use plastic bottles daily.

6. To get instant hot/ cold water

Water dispensers have different water preferences which are cold, hot, and moderate. You just press to get your hot/ cold water, therefore no more waiting for water to boil or refrigerate, isn’t that great?

7. Satisfied employees

A cup of coffee/ tea is said to improve one’s morale/ mood. With a water dispenser providing instant hot water, employees can easily make a cup of hot coffee/ tea which will improve their mental alertness, concentration, and productivity. It also encourages them to drink more water which keeps them rejuvenated.


Water dispensers are grouped into two main categories which are;


Also commonly known as Point of use. These water dispensers are appliances that dispense water without a bottle. They are directly connected to your building’s water supply, therefore you don’t need to refill your water bottle.


These are the types of water dispensers that require a bottle. With these dispensers, you need to refill your water bottle.

Electrolux water dispenser top loading-EQACF1SXSG


They are commonly known as water fountains or drinking fountains. These types of water dispensers are mounted to a wall or a freestanding unit.

In this guide, we are going to further explain the bottled dispensers which are the most common in Kenya.


There are many types of bottled water dispensers, they include;

i. Bottle top mini water dispensers

In these categories, we have electric and manual mini-water dispensers. Both of them are quite affordable. They are also portable, making them ideal for camping or occasions i.e. events, birthdays,

ii. Free-standing bottled water dispensers

These are types of bottled water dispensers that are tall enough to stand on the floor.

iii. Table-top water dispensers

These are types of water dispensers that are not tall enough to stand freely, they are placed on a table or kitchen counters. They are small and therefore don’t take up much space.

The free-standing and table-top bottled water dispensers are further grouped into subcategories;

iv. Bottom-load water dispensers

These are water dispensers that have a small section that allows room for the bottle to be stored at the base.

v. Top-load water dispensers

These are water dispensers, the bottle is placed spout-down into the dispenser.

These two are grouped into other mini subcategories;

1. Hot and normal

These water dispensers usually dispense hot and room temperature (normal) water. Usually ideal for cold places, for example, Mount Kenya region, Limuru etc

2. Hot and cold

These water dispensers usually dispense hot and below room temperature (cold) water. It is usually ideal for places that have hot climates, for example, Northeastern areas, Coastal Regions, etc.

3. Hot, normal, and cold

These water dispensers have three taps that dispense hot, room temperature (normal), and below room temperature (cold) water. These are good for all areas.

NB: Any dispensers with cold water can be categorized into;

> Compressor cooling

These type of dispensers uses a compressor cooling mechanism that can achieve a lower water temperature of up to 3 degrees cold (chilled water). Compressor cooling dispensers are higher priced than other dispensers. Some of them have a mini fridge at the bottom if they aren’t bottom-load water dispensers and can be suitable for work areas, to serve two uses as a water dispenser and also a fridge.

> Electric cooling

These types of water dispensers utilize a thermal electric cooling module to cool the water up to 10 degrees cold. It takes take approximately 30 minutes depending on the brand to cool the water.


If you are thinking of buying a water dispenser, here are some of the factors that you should consider.

1. Location

Here at Skywave, we take this factor heavily since location determines whether you need a hot and cold or hot and normal. If you are living in a hot environment for example Mombasa, you will need a hot and cold dispenser. If you live in a cold place for example Limuru you will need a hot and normal water dispenser.

2. Space

If have limited space you might either decide to go for the bottom load dispensers to utilize the space above it or on top of it. You can also choose to purchase a table-top dispenser which you can easily place on top of a table or the kitchen counters. Isn’t that great?

3. Price

The price will also determine the kind of water dispensers you will choose. Hot and normal water dispensers tend to be cheaper compared to other types of water dispensers.

4. Specification and Features

There are so many specifications and features for water dispensers but to mention a few

>Child lock

This feature can come in handy if you have kids who love exploring things in the house, whereby the child lock feature would help them not to burn themselves with hot water

>Power consumption

If you don’t need hot or cold water you can easily save your power consumption when you buy a normal water-only dispenser.

5. Aesthetic

When you are buying a water dispenser from Skywave, looks are also something that we emphasize and it is possible to buy a dispenser that will match the interior decor of your house.

In conclusion

When choosing the best water dispenser, it would be wise for you to familiarize yourself with the different types of water dispensers available in Kenya as we have detailed above, also the factors that we have highlighted above will go a long way in helping you choose the best water dispensers.

Hot, cold, and normal can be the best choice overall since it’s for any kind of location.

Below are the best water dispensers that we have chosen based on the criteria above.

1. Panasonic Hot, Cold & Normal Water Dispenser SDM-WD3238TG

Panasonic compressor based Dispenser


  • It’s a Hot and cold water dispenser
  • Compressor cooling
  • Top loading design
  • 3 taps (hot, cold and normal)
  • Child safety lock for hot water faucet
  • Stainless steel water tank
  • Unit dimensions 310w×360d×1000h mm
  • 20ltrs cabinet
  • Led light indicators
  • 13A top plug (Standard 3pin)
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Anti-fingerprint stainless steel door for cabinet.

This Panasonic is one of the best brands globally, therefore you are guaranteed a high-quality water dispenser. This Panasonic water dispenser follows the criteria above like, saves you space, and can be used in any location, do not forget the aesthetics.

2. Ramtons Hot and Normal Water Dispenser RM/565

rm-565_1 DISPENSER


Extra storage compartment

  • Electricity leakage protection
  • Freestanding
  • Hot & cold with LED indicators
  • Hot water 85-95°C; cold water 6-10°C
  • R134a refrigerant compressor
  • Saves on energy costs
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Durable push taps
  • Dry burning prevention for safety
  • Easy to use

We can all agree that Ramtons has been one of the most known brands in Kenya for the longest time, you simply can’t go wrong with Ramtoms. With a taps feature ( HOT, COLD, AND NORMAL) this water dispenser has, enables one to use it anywhere in the country, whether in hot climate regions, or cold climate regions.

3. Rebune Hot & cold Water Dispenser RE-8-017(K)

Water Dispenser


  • Hot&Cold Water Dispenser
  •  Voltage:220-240V~ 50/60Hz
  •  Heating Power/Capacity:550W/5L/h 85–95℃
  •  Cooling Power/capacity:90W/2L/h 5–10℃
  •  Water tank material: Standard SS304
  •  Child safety lock
  •  Removable drip tray to collect water
  • It is a  Compressor Cooling
  • Two taps water dispenser with storage cabinet
  • With overheating and short-circuit protection

Rebune is a brand that is dedicated to providing high-quality home appliances. This water dispenser has a cold water feature which makes it suitable for hot climates areas such as coastal regions, Northern regions, etc.

4. Von Hot, Normal & Cold Water Dispenser VADL2211K


  • 3 Hygienic taps
  • Indicator light
  • Fresh Storage Cabinet
  • 500W Heating power
  • Hot water temp ≥90°C
  • Hot water capacity 5L/Hr
  • Cold water temp up to 10°C
  • Cold water capacity 2L/h
  • Stainless steel welded tank
  • Dimensions(mm): 330 x 320 x 950

At Hotpoint Kenya, it‎’‎’s always been their mission to bring stylish‎,‎ intelligent appliances into your home‎.‎ With a history of trusted innovation‎,‎ they have real insight into the demands of modern life‎.‎ So they not only look great in your kitchen‎‎ but also make life easier by delivering outstanding results‎.‎ 

5. MIKA Hot & Cold Water Dispenser MWD2301/BL


  • Hot & Cold Water Function
  • Total Power 505
  • Heating Capacity 4.5L/h
  • Cooling Capacity  2Lh
  • Hot Tank Capacity 0.7L
  • Cold Tank Capacity 2.5L
  • Easy To Use Press Taps
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Hot & Cold water Power Switch
  • Storage Cabinet
  • Power Protection Fuse
  • Stainless Steel Hot Water Tank
  • High-efficiency Electric Cooling

Mika Appliances is a global brand that has transitioned to become one of Kenya’s leading brands in home appliances. the Mika water dispenser has a very nice aesthetic deign which may go well with your home interior decor.

6.Redberry Hot & Cold Water Dispenser RE783PB152XC4NAFAMZ


Has a Compressor Cooling

A hot and cold water function

Storage Cabinet

Easy to use push tap

Stainless steel hot water tank

Low noise design

Anti-bacterial material

Voltage- 220-240V; 50/60Hz

Redberry is one of the oldest brands in Kenya that is well known for its kitchen products and now appliances are becoming one of the best qualities in the market This Redberry Hot & Cold Water dispenser has compression cooling to ensure that your water is cold and delicious without having to refrigerate it – it is very easy to use, and at an excellent affordable price that is pocket friendly! Introduce this water dispenser to your home, and ease your life.

7. Nunix Hot and Normal Water Dispenser A1c


  • Hot & Normal Bottom Load water dispenser
  • Smarter and Stronger
  • Automatic Kettle Filling
  • Two free electric Kettles
  • Water Container cabinet at the bottom
  • Overheat Protection
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to use
  • easy to clean
  • electric cooling

Nunix brand provides the most affordable, innovative, and durable electronic home appliances. With the two kettles, it comes with one can make coffee, or a cup of tea

8. Nunix Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Z188C


  • Sleek design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Convenient to use
  • High quality
  • Easy to install
  • Health-friendly
  • Large and durable drip tray.
  • Food grade stainless steel (SUS304) hot tank and cooling tank.
  • Large LED display with touchscreen controls.
  • Built-in leak detectors, secondary float, and pressure regulators

Bottom-loading water dispensers have the vessel mounted at the bottom of the unit to make loading easier. This Nunix water dispenser comes with a cap and hose that fit over the top of the bottle and extend down to the bottom, which connects to the bottled water jug and will pump up the water necessary to fill the tanks once you press down the tap.

9. Mika Hot & Normal Water Dispenser MWD2205SBL


  • Hot & Normal Water Function
  • Total Power 420
  • Heating Capacity 4.5L/h
  • Hot Tank Capacity 0.7L
  • Easy To Use Press Taps
  • Hot water Power Switch
  • Storage Cabinet
  • Power Protection Fuse
  • Stainless Steel Hot Water Tank
  • Silver & Black

Mika offers affordable‎‎,‎‎ quality‎‎, and‎‎ energy-efficient home appliances‎‎ like dispensers.‎‎ The brand is well known for its high-quality‎‎,‎‎ top-of-the-range products. Locate the dispenser in a well-ventilated area making sure that there is about 10 cm of clearance around the back of it for proper airflow and circulation. Before plugging in, check the power label on the rear of the unit to ensure the power supply is correct. 

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