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Best Affordable Electric Water Kettle in Kenya


Electric water Kettle was introduced in the Market as a faster and safer alternative to stovetop kettle. Imagine having to wait for your stovetop kettle to boil water for you to drink that cup of coffee or tea, exhausting right? Water Kettles in a Kenyan Household has become a necessity rather than a luxury. If you are looking for water Kettles in Kenya, you have landed at the right place. In this article, I will further explain more about electric water kettles and factors you should consider before buying an electric Kettle and list some of the best water kettles in Kenya. Let’s get started!

Types of Electric Water Kettle

First, let’s define what a water Kettle is. A water Kettle is a container with a lid, spout, and handle used to boil water. Water kettles can have different sizes and materials. Materials such as steel, plastic, and glass. Electric Water kettles are classified into two main categories, which are:

  1. Corded Electric Water Kettle- These are water Kettle that are connected directly with a cord. The cord is then connected to a socket to boil water.
  2. Cordless Electric Water Kettle- These are water Kettle that is placed on a plate that has a cord. Cordless electric water kettles can be raised from their base without having to raise the cord.

Factors to consider when choosing a water Kettle

There are many options for electric water Kettles in the Kenyan Market. Below are some factors that you should consider:

1. Material

Water Kettle comes with different materials such as steel, plastic, and glass. When it comes to safety glass material is the safest to use. Glass is non-reactive and doesn’t release harmful chemicals or flavors into the boiling water. They are made from borosilicate glass that is resistant to thermal shock and chemical leaching. They therefore don’t rust or oxidize and they maintain their original color, ensuring a safe and healthy boiling experience. Steel are better conductor of heat than glass making it boil water faster therefore saving energy and time. Stainless steel electric water kettles are also more durable than other materials. Plastic electric water kettles come in different colors. This makes them easy to match with the design of your house.

2. Features-

Electric water Kettles should have features such as

  • Safety– An electric kettle should have boil-dry protection. This allows the Kettle to automatically turn off when it doesn’t have enough water. Auto shut-off is another safety feature an electric water kettle should have. This will enable the Electric water Kettle to automatically shut off once the water has boiled.
  • Capacity– Water Kettles have different capacities ranging from 1liter up to 5liter. Therefore you should know which capacity is best suited for you.
  •  Wattage- Just like any other electronics water kettles also have wattage. Electric Kettles with higher wattage tend to boil water faster. If you need a large-capacity kettle it is advisable to get one with higher watts. Water Kettles to be used for making coffee or tea once in the morning, a water kettle with 1000 watts would be preferable.

3. Intended use

It is important to know what you want the Kettle for before buying. If you intend to boil a large amount of water consider choosing a water kettle with a large capacity. If you intend on boiling a cup of water in the morning a small capacity would be ideal.

4. Budget

How much you are willing to spend on a Kettle will help you focus on water kettles that are within your price range. Low-wattage water Kettles are usually cheaper.

Best Water Kettles in Kenya

Here are some of Skywave’s top 11 best cookers that we have categorized based on our various sales.

1. Ramtons Traditional Electric Kettle 5 Litres Stainless Steel- RM/464

Ramtons Traditional Electric Kettle
  1. 5000ml capacity
  2. 2250 watts
  3. Long spout
  4. Cool touch handle
  5. Internal heating element
  6. Polished stainless steel body
  7. Illuminated On/Off switch

2. Electrolux 1.7Litres kettle-E2EK1-100W

Electrolux 1.7Litres kettle
  1. Plastic kettle.
  2. 1.7Litres capacity.
  3. water level indicator.
  4. 360-degree rotatable base.
  5. power rating 2200W.
  6. Has  Manual Controls
  7. Main material; Plastic

3. Kenwood cordless kettle 1.7l -ZJP00.000BK

1.7l kenwood kettle
  1. 1.7L Capacity
  2. 2200W Power
  3. Automatic Switch Off
  4. 360° Wireless Base
  5. Cord Storage
  6. Indicator Light On The Switch

4. Oraimo stainless steel smart Electric kettle – OH-K20

Oraimo stainless steel double-wall smart Electric kettle
  1. Rated Power: 1800W
  2. Capacity 1.7 liters
  3. Concealed heating element
  4. Multi-level protection system
  5. Auto shut off after boiling
  6. Boil dry protection
  7. ON/OFF switch with indicator light

5. Von Electric Cordless Kettle- VSKL03BNK

Von Electric Cordless Kettle
  1. Capacity: 3.0L
  2. 2200W
  3. Safety lock lid and open lid automatically
  4. Boil dry protection
  5. Automatically turns off when water boils
  6. Concealed heating element
  7. Anti-slip feet design

6. Ramtons Cordless Electric Kettle 3 Liters – RM/567

Ramtons Cordless Electric Kettle
  1. Detachable anti-sleep feet
  2. Boil-dry protection
  3. Power:2200W
  4. Transparent water gauge
  5. Stainless steel heating element
  6. With a safety lock lid
  7. ON/OFF Switch and a light indicator

7. Mika MKT1104 – Electric Kettle, Plastic, 1.7L, Cordless

  1. 1850-2200 watts
  2. 1.7 litres capacity
  3. Auto shut off after boiling
  4. Boil dry protection
  5. STRIX Controller
  6. Removable, Washable filter
  7. Stainless steel heating element

8. Rebune Electric Kettle 1.7L- RE-1-104

Rebune Electric Kettle 1.7L- RE-1-104
  1. 360˚cordless jug-kettle
  2. Stainless steel body, shining or brush finish for your choice
  3. Boil-dry protection
  4. Removable &washable filter
  5. Automatically turns off when water boils
  6. On/off switch and bright nice LED light
  7. Power:220-240V,50/60Hz, 1850-2200W

9. Premier cordless electric kettle

  1. Removable, Washable filter
  2. Stainless steel heating
  3. Water level indicator
  4. Concealed heating element for hygiene
  5. easy to clean
  6. On/off switch and power light indicator.
  7. Boil dry safety protection

10. Rebune Electric Kettle- RE128

  1. Easy to use
  2. plastic outside the body
  3. cordless kettle
  4. Automatically turns off when water boils
  5. On/off switch
  6. bright LED light
  7. Power:220V,50Hz, 1500W

11. Ailyons 2.2 Liters Electric Water Kettle- 308

  1. 1850-2200 watts
  2. Auto shut off after boiling
  3. Rapid boil and perfect pour
  4. STRIX Controller
  5. Removable, Washable filter
  6. Concealed heating element for hygiene & easy cleaning.
  7. Boil dry safety protection.


In Kenya, some salons use water Kettles to boil water that is used to wash their client’s hair. I use mine for cooking. We sell different types of water Kettles and we would love to hear your feedback about Kettles in the comment section below.  How do you use your kettle? and how often do you use it?

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