How to Clean Your Microwave


When doing general house chores, cleaning your microwave is something you often don’t consider, we all have to agree to that. With time food and grease build up making it hard to remove stubborn stains. If you’ve had enough of the smelly, dirty microwave, worry no more you have come to the right place. We have detailed easy steps for cleaning your microwave. You only need 2 lemons, a bowl, a cup of water, a dry cloth, and baking soda.

Microwaves should be cleaned at least once a week depending, on the frequency of use.

Steps on How to Clean a Microwave

These are the steps on how to clean a microwave.

  1. The first step you need is to buy the supplies if you already have them the better. These include:
  • 2 lemons (ksh 20-30 depending on your location).
  • A dry cloth (ksh 30-100 depending on your location).
  • Baking soda (Ksh 25 in all local shops). This is optional
  • ½ cup of water (You can use tap water).
  • A bowl ( use the one available in your house).

2. Cut the lemon into smaller pieces.

3. Squeeze out some lemon Juice into the bowl. You can also put the small pieces of lemons into the bowl.

4. Add ½ of water into the bowl.

5. Place the bowl in the microwave heat it for three minutes and let it cool.

6. Gently wipe your microwave using a dry cloth. To remove stubborn stains use baking soda.

7. Don’t forget to clean the top of the microwave. You can use the lemon water. Just dip the cloth in the lemon water and wipe.


It’s possible to clean your microwave without using expensive stain removers. In Kenya, you will need less than 100 ksh to clean your microwave. Follow the steps above and your microwave will be sparkling clean, you can also watch a video down below on our YouTube channel. This method will work on all types of microwaves.

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