The Complete Set Up Of a Car Audio System in Kenya


Equipping your car with the best car audio system will improve your driving experience. Driving while listening to your favorite music or audio content that is of high quality is seen as a simple thing but for car owners, this will greatly impact their driving experience. I’m not bluffing, car owners can confirm this! That Ka’ long road trip or park and chill may not seem bad after all when you invest in a good car audio system. In this article we will be explaining more about car audio systems, the components of car audio systems, and factors that you should consider when buying car audio systems, the best car audio systems.

Components of Car Audio Systems

First of all, let’s define what a car audio system is.

A car audio system is the sound system in a car that plays music or other audio content. The components of car audio systems are:

7 inches Android Car Stereo

A car radio is a radio built into the dashboard of your car. Car radios can be Android (having screens with an Android operating system) or analog (having only displays and CD players). You can therefore make phone calls, listen to your favorite radio station, and play music from your CD or your phone via Bluetooth. It is a must-have component for audio systems

Boschmann Professional Parametric Equaliser

Equalizer allows you to increase or reduce different audio frequencies that come out of your sound system to your liking and you can reduce the bass of a sound with an equalizer.


Audio crossovers are electronic filters that split an audio signal into multiple frequency ranges. These signals are then sent to the speakers that produce different frequency ranges.


When we think of car amplifiers we think of boosters. Car amplifiers increase the power of electrical audio signals before they are sent to the speakers providing a clear and more powerful sound. This helps improve the sound quality within the vehicle. Amplifiers are optional only when you want to achieve high-power sounds.

  • Speakers

Car speakers convert power from an amplified electrical signal into sound waves. The sound waves move the speaker cone back and forth creating a sound. There are different speakers that you will need in your car.

  1. Subwoofer speakers

2. Mid-range speakers

car door speakers

These are loudspeakers that handle the middle range of frequencies. They are usually round and mounted at the door or the back of your car.

3. Tweeters

Professional power supply unit 12V 20A

Having a power supply is optional. When you want to use the car audio systems in your house having a power supply is a must. Since the car audio system uses DC power, the power supply will convert it into AC power. This will therefore allow you to use it in your house.

Having a car audio system is essential and it comes with a lot of benefits, Here is a blog post that explains 10 reasons why you should invest in a car music system.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Car Audio System in Kenya

When you are in the market, it can be tough knowing what to look for and what car audio system your car needs. Here are some of the factors that you should consider when buying a car audio system in Kenya.

  • Budget

The amount you’re willing to spend will determine the car audio system that you will buy. Having a budget will help you look for options that are within that range, after all, you will only buy what you can afford.

  • Brand

There are different types of brands when it comes to car audio systems. Each brand offers a range of products with different pricing, from expensive to budget-friendly products. High-quality products offer advanced features with a higher performance.

  • The available space in your car

The amount of space available in your car will determine which size of car audio systems you need. For example, if you have limited space available in your car you might consider buying an under-seat car system than having a separate amplifier and separate speaker.

  • Specifications

Each audio system has different specifications. Some of the specifications you should consider are:

  1. Number of watts- Most car audio systems have several watts. It is therefore important to know how many watts your car needs. The more watts your car system has the higher the sound quality. Higher RMS wattage systems tend to be more expensive than lower RMS wattage systems. Focus on the RMS watts than the PMPO watts, because RMS watts tells you the audio system’s maximum constant power output without distortion.
  • Compatibility

 Some audio systems are specifically made for Android phones or iPhone phones. It is therefore important to know which car audio system is compatible with your car. This will help you will help you handle your car audio systems with comfort and ease.

  • Intended use

If you intend to use it in the house then you might consider buying a power supply. This will convert the DC power of the audio system into AC power.

  • Personal taste/ Preference

This is the most basic factor when it comes to purchasing any item because you will only buy what you prefer. For example, if you don’t want high-power sound then buying an amplifier, equalizers, and crossovers is not a must option. You will only need the car radio and speakers (if your car doesn’t have them)


Car audio system in Kenya is seen as a necessity rather than a luxury. We have summarized everything you need to know about car audio systems and some of the factors you need to consider when choosing car audio systems. After reading the factors you will be able to come up with the perfect fit for your car.

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