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What You Need to Know about Air Conditioners and Fans In Kenya.


Having a fan or an air conditioner in Kenya is essential especially if you live in a hot environment like Machakos, Mombasa, Garissa, and Turkana. It is therefore important to invest in the right appliance to condition your room’s temperature. With so many types of cooling appliances, you are probably confused about knowing the best cooling appliance for your home. Have no worries, this article explains more about air conditioners and fans, the benefits of having cooling appliances, and what you should consider when buying a cooling appliance.

What are Air conditioners and fans?

An air conditioner is an appliance that provides cold air by removing heat from an enclosed space to achieve a more comfortable interior environment in other cases air conditioners control the humidity of internal air. A fan is an appliance that moves air around the room.

They both have different types which are;

Types of Fans

There are six main types of fans and they include:

1. Desk Fan


They are also known as table fans. They are usually placed on a table or countertop. You can also place the big desk fans i.e. 16 on the floor if you usually sleep on the floor. Desk fans usually range in different sizes big desk fan would be suitable for someone with a big desk surface. It could be perfect for someone who needs the temperatures cooled down right next to you rather than the whole house.

2. Wall Fan

They are usually mounted on a solid wall. They come in handy because they can be used anywhere that has limited floor space. Therefore if you don’t have a lot of space in your room then opt for a wall fan.

3. Ceiling Fan

Ceiling FAN

Ceiling fans work better if you have a bigger headroom. They are usually mounted on the ceiling of a room. Therefore if you have a large space room and need a better circulation of air opt for a ceiling fan.

4. Stand Fan

Ramtons black stand fan- RM/668

These types of fans are placed on the floor. If you have a large floor space, having a stand fan could be better. They are also ideal for outdoor spaces such as balconies, patios, and lawns.

5. Hand-held fan

Hand-held Fans are usually small in size which makes them ideal for travelling. They are hand-held and can be used in outdoor spaces. If you like going to events like watching a football match or a concert and need a fan then opt for a handheld Fan

Types of Air Conditioners

The two main types of air conditioners are:

1. Portable air conditioner

They are free-standing air conditioners and can be moved from one room to another therefore they don’t require permanent installation. These are ideal for people who have rented apartments or flats.

2. Split air conditioner

Hisense AS-12CR4SVETG07

Split air conditioners come in two parts. One part is placed on the outdoor and the other part is placed on the indoor. They are bulky in size and require a technical installation. Split air conditioners are usually installed on the wall therefore ideal for people with permanent homes. They can also be used for commercial purposes.

Differences between Fans And Air Conditioners

You probably thought fans and air conditioners are the same thing, well they are not. Below is a table that shows you some of the differences between a fan and an air conditioner.

Cools the room’s temperature by moving the air around the room using blades that are powered up by an electric motor.
Cools the air using blades that rotate. They can be 3 blades, 5 blades, or more blades.
They consume less electrical energy.
Some fans have an oscillation Feature.
They don’t automatically turn off. Some fans though have a timer where you can set when the fan should run.
You can easily install them in your room.
They are mostly affordable.
Has a low cooling efficiency.
One doesn’t have much control over the temperatures.   
Cools the room temperature by absorbing in warm air from your room and pumping it outside, while releasing the cool air back into the room.
Cools the air using 3 components. The evaporator, compressor, and condenser
They use more electrical energy compared to fans.
They don’t have an oscillation feature.
They can automatically turn off when the room’s temperature reaches a desired point.
You need a technical expert to install the appliance in your room.
It is more expensive than fans.
Has a high cooling efficiency.
With air conditioners, one can control temperatures to their desired point.

Benefits of Having a Cooling Appliance

Having a cooling appliance in your home or workspace comes with a lot of advantages. Below are some of the advantages of having a cool appliance in your home, especially during hot seasons.

  • It improves indoor air quality by removing some dirt from the air and distributing fresh air from outside.
  • One has better sleep since it reduces the temperature of the room
  • Improves work performance by keeping one focus.
  • Reduces the risk of dehydration by cooling the room’s temperature.
  • They increase your comfort during hot seasons.

Factors to Consider When Buying Air Conditioners or Fans

This can be overwhelming when choosing the best cooling appliances for your home or workspace. If you want to buy any cooling appliances there are factors that you should prioritize. Here are some of the factors that you should consider when buying air conditioners and Fans.

1. Budget

The amount of money you are willing to spend is critical as you can only buy what you can afford. This will help you narrow down and focus on the cooling appliances that are within your price range. If you are willing to spend some extra cash choose an air conditioner because they are better than fans.

2. The size of the room

Choose a cooling appliance that will fit your room size. If you have limited space consider buying Desk fans, wall fans, or ceiling fans. Air conditioners are usually bulky in size and require a large space area.Air conditioners have different capacities called BTU that determine which air conditioner is suitable for your room for example:

3. Specifications

Air conditioners and fans have different specifications and these are some of the specifications you should check when buying a fan or an air conditioner:

  • Speeds

When you’re choosing to buy a Fan consider the number of speed, since sometimes you won’t need it to run at full speeds. Fans with three or more speeds are better compared to fans with one speed.

  • Oscillation Feature

This is a factor you should consider when you are buying fans. Oscillation is the process of moving back and forth in a regular rhythm. Most fans tend to have this feature. The oscillation feature allows the fan to push air in more than one direction across the room which cools the room more effectively.

  • Timer

This is a feature that is common in all Air conditioners. Choosing a fan with a timer would be better since sometimes you wouldn’t want the fan to run throughout the day. The timer feature helps to conserve more energy.

  • Size

If you have a limited budget and you live in a hot environment, a fan with a large diameter size would effectively circulate air throughout the entire room. Consider choosing fans with more than 16 inches in diameter.

  • Number of blades

When buying a fan, the number of blades is an important factor to consider. Fans usually have one or more blades.  Fans with more blades will have a higher wind power and this can be affected by the watts. A fan with more blades and more watts will cool the room more effectively.

  • Noise levels

Having a Fan or an air conditioner that produces noise can be uncomfortable and annoying. Therefore choose an air conditioner or a fan with less noise levels.

  • Energy consumptions

Fans consume less energy consumption than air conditioners. However, Air conditioners are more effective than Fans.

4. Aesthetic design

Choose an air conditioner or a fan with a more suitable design that complements your room’s aesthetics. Ensure the air conditioner or the fan you buy blends with the room’s ambiance. Both the air conditioners and fans come in different designs and colors.

5. Location

If you live in hot environmental areas you will need an air conditioner which would be more effective than a fan.


In Kenya having a cooling appliance in your home was considered as a luxury. Over the years that narrative is seen to have changed as we are looking for ways to make our room more comfortable. We have summarized everything you need to know about air conditioners and fans. This will help you know which cooling appliances is best suited for your home

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