Moving out for the first time can sometimes be stressful esp. if you don’t have a helping hand or don’t know the necessary things to buy. You may find yourself buying things that you won’t ever use, you end up wasting your money. If you are planning to move out maybe from your parents’ house, have no worries. You have landed at the right place. In this article, I’ll explain some of the important things to consider buying when you are planning to move out.

What do you mean by moving out?

Moving out is to leave one’s house or apartment and go live somewhere else. You may be moving out of your parents’ house. The moving out process starts long before the moving day, you all probably know that.

Must have items when moving out

When planning to move out begin by working through your budget to make sure you can be able to afford to live by yourself. Take everything into account i.e. your expenses and compare it to your monthly income. Below are some of the must-have items for different spaces such as living room, kitchen, Bedroom, and, Bathroom you should consider buying when planning to move out for the first time.

  • Bed– You can go to your local furniture shop to buy the bed of your choice. If you are living in Eastlands, you can visit the various furniture shops along Jogoo Rd.
  • Cookware set– Choose your pans and pots depending on the amount of food you will be cooking. You can also check one of our blog posts that will guide you in choosing the best cookware set.
  • Sofa Set- Depending on your preferences and the size of the house you can either choose a 3 seater, a 5 seater, or a 2 seater.
  • Basins and Buckets– For your kitchen and bathroom. You can opt for
  • Full Set of dishes and utensils– This includes, plates, cutlery, Mugs, glasses, wooden spoons, a Mixing bowl, a chopping board, a Colander, a Whisk, a spatula, Knives, kitchen scissors, can opener, bottle opener,
  • Cleaning supplies– This includes, sponges or brushes, Liquid soap, toilet brush, hand soap, shower gel/ bathing soap, detergent, brush, brooms, and dustpans.
  • Mats and carpets– Different mats such as door mats, bathroom door mats, and kitchen anti-slip mats.
  • Dustbins.
  • Laundry baskets.
  • Cabinet organizers
  • Towels- Towels such as bath towels, Face towels, and Kitchen towels.
  •  Kitchen Appliances- Kitchen appliances such as a cooker.
  • Curtains- You can visit Eastleigh where they have different types of curtains that are affordable.
  • Pillows, bed sheets, bedcovers, Mattress, Iron box,
  • Extension sockets, bulbs, Batteries, Matchboxes, Emergency Lamp
  • Gas cylinders, gas pipe – If you are choosing to buy a cooker that uses gas then a gas cylinder is a must-have. You can also opt to cook with a gas cylinder if you are on a tight budget, this will save you money to buy a cooker.


When you are planning to move out you should have at least saved for three months. Only you know how much you will need to spend when moving out therefore you should never feel pressured into buying items that you cannot afford. You should always remember to live within your means. The amount of money you will spend on these items will depend on your preference, the quality you want, and the brand you want. Different brands have different prices with different quality. You can visit your local supermarket or marketplace with the list listed above to know how much you will need for each item and if you have the money to buy more items then feel free to do so.

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