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There are not so many ways to condition your room temperature the main one happens to be heating it up or cooling it down. this job is perfectly done by an air conditioner an appliance that is capable of doing both jobs and it is usually precise with actual degrees and that kind of preciseness makes them expensive to buy . Air conditioners have different capacities called BTU that determine which air conditioner is suitable for your room for example


 Other appliances that can be used to condition temperatures in a room are room heaters that can only heat up the room by use of electricity or gas.

cooling fans are other examples of  appliances that can be used to control room temperature by circulating the hot air and cool through propellers. cooling fans can either be wall mounted, stand fan type or even celling mounted

below are some examples 

Air conditioners

wall fan

Room heaters can be classified into two types there 

The first type of room heater is the one that  has a fan system built in (fan room heater)to distribute the heat much more quickly .most of these fans type  can also be used with a cold setting to cool the room by turning the heater off and using the fan only

The second type of room heater is the quartz room heater this is a portable electric radiant heater that has heating elements sealed in quartz-glass tubes producing infrared radiation in front of a reflective backing


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